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Graphic design and layout

Every step you take

we possess an extremely knowledgeable team who has a thorough about international agency requirements and design preference, and bring together complementary design elements and skills including modified cover design, digital illustration, and developments accessible information graphics. (i.e. Charts and diagrams), full-page layout, and multimedia design for responsive web sites.

Design conceptualization

We initiate design concept development with answers to simple questions about your organization, what makes a new publication or graphic distinctive, who you hope to reach and what you aim to achieve. Visual identity

Our organization consists of a well experienced team. We first explore the history and purpose, any changes you are undergoing, and what you hope to achieve with a new or revitalized identity. The design process comprises of several stages, first we would be sketching the logos then we would seek to the options for appropriate typography and colour palette, and clearly guide to ensure that the core messages and personality remain consistent across a range of media’

Document planning

The formulation of an effective publication or report begins with a clear analysis of aims and opportunities for sharing the results and experience of your initiative or project’

Editing proofreading

Design factory provides professional editing services across a full range of interested areas

  • Substantive editing
  • Technical editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading

Design factory is committed to maintain the highest editorial standards and revenant house style adherence, and works with experienced editors on all assignments. We offer free preliminary assessment of the level of editing required for a given document or project.

Info graphics

We first listen to the main advocacy or policy messages you need your data to communicate. Only then can we combine design skills and technical understanding to generate graphics that tell a complete story.

Organizational Effectiveness

Recent shifts in the development and aid sectors are exposing many organizations to new levels of accountability, including stricter reporting requirements and more informed stakeholders. These changes require organization to adapt how they work and how they use sustain resources. Helping organizations throughout these transitions is central to the strategic planning support provided by design factory consulting. Another specialty of our organization is that we undertake instantaneous Graphic Designing…!We are ready to provide you with instant designs on your wish within a very short period of time. Though our organization has a short history, we have sound experience by working for global events such as ICPD, Youth LEAD, CYF and WCY2014

Printing and production

Printing publications and other materials in the city or country where they are needed can offer time and cost savings. Design factory can manage your remote printing processes, form identifying suitable printers through to print quality control, including proofing and colour management.

Video/ animation

Design factory works closely with skilled video production personnel and animators to help humanize complex branding identity challenges. We develop a detailed creative brief and storyboard that informs production and one-site filming as well as post-production steps.

Website Design and Development

We provide professional web design for any kind business. Custom designs, domain registration, web hosting & statistics, Search Engine Optimization,basic & advanced php programming, content management systems, e-commerce, blogs and more!

  • simple HTML Websites
  • Dynamic websites to Multimedia Driven Websites
  • E-Commerce based websites
  • Original, Custom Design
  • WordPress Site / Blog Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Site Design
  • HTML E-mail Design
  • Interactive Facebook Pages